“We had no idea what we wanted or what we could do with our home before we came to you. Thank you for providing such a wonderful service.”

Loft Conversions Essex

If you are thinking of moving to gain extra space for your family, think again. A loft conversion in Essex carried out by Loft conversions Essex can be designed and fitted to add some extra living space to your dwelling and will enhance, benefit and improve your home at the same time without the up upheaval of moving .

It might surprise you to know that some loft conversions can be completed in as little as four weeks and you may not require planning permission to get started. Loft conversion options and extensions can work out to be extremely cost effective and as it will not interfere with your daily life you will not have to move out while the work is carried out by our professionals.

Loft Conversions Essex - Wonderful BathroomWe have carried out many different types of loft conversions in Essex so whatever the reason behind your need for extra living space, our Loft Conversions specialists have had many clever ideas to increase and improve the living areas of homes for delighted clients. We offer a fully comprehensive service that will bring your ideas to life.

From your ideas to design and planning right through to decorating your new space we provide beautiful bespoke solutions that are tailor made to suit your requirements and taste in a timely manner. Whether you are realising the potential of your loft space, unused garage or excess garden space at Loft Conversions Essex we can provide you with a fantastic new kitchen orangery, an extra bathroom, a home office or even a cinema room to name but a few options.

Don’t be put off the idea of a conversion because you believe your home is too small as the many ideas for loft conversions we have designed and built have been ingeniously put together in the most unexpected places with little or no intrusion into the family home.

Loft Conversion Essex

Have your dream home without having the upheaval of moving away from your friends and neighbours. Moving can be expensive, not only for your wallet but emotionally as well. Generate extra space and increase the value of your home by around 20% by having an Essex loft conversion.

Loft Conversions Essex - Wonderful Bedroom

These days it is not unusual for adult children to move back home, a loft conversion could make the space for extra bedrooms, bathrooms and even a kitchenette providing more privacy. It could be that your aging parents require some extra care and attention as they are getting older.

At Loft Conversions Essex we can utilize vacant unused areas of space and make them into wonderful self contained areas that cater for their need to be independent but close enough to be cared for. Through careful planning and design our conversions and extensions will fit the character of your property and all new materials will be matched to the existing roof tiles, bricks and blocks etc.

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